The 4th season of the year on iRacing is just about to start and after a very successful launch of the Pure Driving School it is time to say thank you! All of you make this possible and we are more than happy to present you all the new stuff for the upcoming weeks. We were not able to realize every single suggestion or thought but overall we hope that this is only the start of the journey. We will keep working hard and are looking forward to your thoughts about the Driving School. Enough words said, time to come to the exciting part: 

These features were added

And they are available now

  • New Setup Packages

    Let's start with the most important changes: We added a total of 6 new Setup Packages! We not only did that, we therefor expanded our team with 4 additional high class drivers which proved that they are one of the best in their particular cars. We begin with a car which all of us drove at least once in their iRacing career: The Mazda MX-5.

    The Packages for all the three series are available now (Global Mazda Cup, Advanced Mazda Cup and Production Car Challenge). Additionally you don't have to pay for the Global Mazda Cup since it it comes free with a regular account at the Pure Driving school! Now guess what: The Packages are created by the most successful driver in the Mazda: Robert R Hartley. Robert is an extremely fast and experienced driver with about 9,500 iRating and  more than 800 race wins.

    Our second addition is the V8 Supercars Package. We know that a lot of people are more than fascinated by the cars behaviour and the way you have to drive it. This is the reason why we give you the chance to experience great setups and lapdata on your own.

    With the V8's being very popular in the Australian community, we could't think of a better driver than Joshua K Rogers to create these Setup Packages for you! Joshua is a very young but bloody fast driver, proving his skills in both, the GT Series World Championship and in the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix series with big success.

    We now got two new Setup Packages left. Both are open wheelers and produce a lot of downforce: The Dallara IR 18, featured in the Indycar Road (combined) Series and the Pro Mazda! We are more than thrilled to present you the drivers who create the data for you.

    Henry Bennett already is a two times Indycar combined series champion with a lot of race wins and a lot of experience in the car. The Pro Mazda Package will be created by Jerome Haag, who is an incredible fast driver as well! He already won the Pro Mazda Championship 5 times and gained about 6,000 iRating in his career.

  • High Speed

    We know it. Sometimes the Pure Driving School page took ages while loading. Good news: We moved to a new serverbase which allows you to open any page in lighting speed! No more unnecessary waiting time to visit the page you would like to see!

  • Advanced Download Section

    The download section now includes some more information which you can use for your likings:

    • The trackmap of the currently used track in the specific series
    • Best and optimal laptime including the sector times
    • A picture of the coach who created the package
    • A small area where you can switch between the different cars of the series (if there are any)
    • You can now get back to the Membersite via a button below the video
  • Motec Tutorial

    It took us a little bit longer than we expected but we prefered a tutorial which has a great quality. Maximilian Wenig takes you through the most important points about comparing and analyzing lap data to enhance your driving style. Additionally we created a complete new Workbook which can be downloaded as well.

  • Weather settings

    To match the weather of the dynamic race series a bit better, we decreased the temperature from 78°F to 75°F for every series except the fixed ones which still use default weather. Keep in mind that if you want to compare your lap times to the ones given on this site, you have to adjust the weather to the exact same settings which are displayed on the download section.