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What is the Pure Driving School?

The Pure Driving School is a platform for beginners, but also experienced simracers. Some of the best simracers in the world offer you professional 1:1 coaching alongside setup packages, hotlap videos and delta time files. Our goal is to teach you how to win races.

What do I need to use the data from you?

You need an active iRacing account, a PayPal account and the ambition to improve your lap times in the long term.

How can the Pure Driving School help me?

Depending on which package you bought, you can learn in different ways how to drive the respective car  around the track in the fastest way. Be it through the setup package, hotlap video, replay or the delta time file. In a 1: 1 coaching session we will personally analyze your driving style, show you where you lose time and through tips and tricks fundamentally improve your driving style.

Do you offer the service for other simulations except iRacing?

All our coaches are specialized on iRacing and barely drive on other simulations. Moreover, iRacing uses a very unique series and league system which makes it possible for us to work in the way we do. These are the reasons why we are currently not able to provide our service for other simulations, too.

Can I share Pure Driving School setups?

We work hard to provide our members with good and competitive setups, so we ask you not to share our setups with other drivers. Instead, you can refer your friends / team members to our site so they have the chance to enjoy our full service. We also offer a special discount rate for whole teams so make sure to check this question to your right.

I have a question that does not appear in the FAQs

Just send us a message via the contact form or visit our Discord server. We or our community will answer your question as soon as possible.


Which payment options are available?

At the moment we only offer the payment via Paypal. Here you can use your normal payment methods (credit, direct debit or credit card)

Is it a monthly subscription?

No! The payment system is comparable to the one which iRacing uses. You can renew your account at any time while the runtime always adds up.

I can’t see the 3-months and 6-months subscription anymore.

The discounted 3-months and 6-months subscriptions are only available to active Professional Plan users. In case you don't have an active subscription, you first need to buy the Professional Plan for the regular price of 9.90€ in order to buy the longer subscriptions. If you already have an active subscription, you can go back to the "Choose Packages" page and click on "Buy now" - you will now be able to choose between the different periods.

Is the trial month really completely free?

Yes! There are no hidden or additional costs for you. You do not have to cancel your account. After the trial period, you will no longer have access to your chosen setup package unless you pay for it.

Are there discounts for teams?

Yes! So that larger teams also have an advantage of creating multiple accounts, we offer special discounts. You are in a team and would like to have a decent discount on your account? Please write an email to "" so we can make you an offer directly.

What happens if I renew my active package early?

Of course you will not miss anything! If you renew your package before the end of the last day, your remaining days will be added up. The system works just like iRacing.


In which folder do I have to save the setup file?

The correct folder can be found in your documents under the path "Documents / iRacing / setups". Just search for the car for which the setup was built and copy the file into it. You can create more subfolders in the folder of different cars, so you do not lose the overview.

Where are the setup packages created?

The packages are generally created in offline testing at the corresponding weather settings. A detailed list of the weather settings can be found on the respective package page.

Are the setups based on qualy or race fuel?

Generally we create the setups with the maximal fuel amount that can be used in the corresponding series. If you want to use the setup in the qualification too, you just need to reduce the fuel amount and adjust the ride heights to the same level that have been set before.

What is a blap and an olap file?

On iRacing there is the possibility to drive against a delta-time. This will show you on your screen whether you are currently winning (green area) or losing (red area) time. On iRacing, you can insert our delta-time and then drive against it, so you can see directly while driving, where you can still make up time.

How can I use the blap and olap file?

The file basically works like a setup file. After the download, you can save it under the path "Documents / iRacing / lapfiles" in the corresponding track folder. Then you have to load this file in the iRacing simulation. Click on this picture to see where you have to load it. After loading the correct file you need to set your delta time to "comparison lap".

How can I use the telemetry file?

The best way to do this is to use Motec. With the software you can look at the driving style of the coach and at the same time receive information about the setup. You can download the software here.