Setups and Data:
Individualized for you or your team.


Perfectly adapted for your car & track choice.


We take your input and balance the car to your likings.


Just for you: Individual setup, hot lap video with inputs, telemetry file, .best/.olap file and direct support from a top driver.

It’s time to create something special for you

  • Gain More Time

    With a setup and data which is perfectly customized for your needs, you will get the most out of the car for every race.

  • Full Assistance

    Communicate with our professional coach and tell him exactly what you need. Even better: You are not 100% satisfied with the work? Tell him what he should change to completely match your driving style.

  • Share With The Team

    There is a special team or league event coming up and you need a professional setup for it? Request it here and get full support with first results after just a couple of days. And most certainly: You can use the data together with your whole team.

  • Single Plan
  • 89.90
    per request
  • 1x Setup for your car & track choice
  • 1x Onboard Video incl. Pedal and steering inputs
  • 1x Telemetry file + .best & .olap file
  • Fast support and individual work
  • Monthly Plan
  • 79.90
    per week
  • 4x Setup for your car, track and iRacing series choice
  • 4x Onboard Video incl. Pedal and steering inputs
  • 4x Telemetry file + .best & .olap file
  • 4 weeks of fast support and individual work
  • Season Plan
  • Custom
    price on request
  • Up to 12 consecutive weeks of setups
  • Matching number of Onboard Videos with Pedal and steering inputs
  • Up to 12 telemetry and .best & .olap files
  • Season long fast support and individual work

Request your individual setup here: