Everyone is intersted in this topic: What is the secret to get faster in the long term? We purposely use the wording "long term" because you can only improve if you are able practice the skills you learned in the short term. You might have experienced this by yourself: On some tracks you can easily finish in top positions while you can't keep up with the same opponents just a week later. This short article will tell you what is imporant to sustainably improve your lap times.

  • The most commonly made assumption still is how big the difference between a good and a bad setup is. Anyone who has ever dealt with a certain car setup will know that with a well-adjusted car, you can sometimes find a second or even more. Since iRacing setups on sale started to become popular you might feel this difference very quickly. However, at a certain point even the best setup will not help as the driving skills are more important in the end. You can have the perfect setting for the car - if you do not drive fast enough you will be beaten by other drivers who have worse setups.

  • Take advantage of the track! It is very common that drivers do not use the entire track width and thus lose time. It is important that you drive to the limit of the track during braking and exiting a corner. A larger turning radius means you can have a higher speed at the apex - and speed <=> lap time.

  • Experiment! Always driving in the same way might help you to become more consistent but you also run the risk of never being able to improve your raw pace. So the next time you practice, try different lines, braking points and also try to increase your cornering speed slightly. With the delta bar enabled, you directly can see what makes you faster and what slowes you down.

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