With the latest update from iRacing we have arrived in a new era. In addition to new tracks and cars, we now have realistic weather conditions with the movement of the sun and clouds. We too are highly motivated and have worked hard over the past few weeks to offer you an even better offer on this website. Here you will learn in detail what we have changed for the new season.

These are the new features

And they are available now

  • New Setup Packages

    Also this season we are proud to announce a total of 6 new packages! Of course, we would like to start with the brand new cars: Both the Formula Renault 3.5 and the Dallara Formula 3 will be offered from now on and the packages will be created by Maximilian Benecke. So you can expect high-class packages, with which you can master these complicated cars in the twinkling of an eye.

    Another setup package we offer now is the Dallara IR-18 in the Indy Oval fixed series! After the Road Series packages went very well last season, it was clear to us that we also wanted to offer the second part of the Indycar series.

    Of course we stay here with our Indycar expert Henry Bennett, who will create both packages for you from now on. We are still very proud to have him in our team.

    The last 3 packages are very special. This season, once again, you have the unique opportunity to qualify for the 2019 GT Pro Series. In order to be well prepared in qualifying and have the chance to get the black license in the end, we of course offer packages for all three GTE cars!

    We will work with the best creators to provide truly high quality setups and data. Maximilian Benecke takes over the Porsche 911 RSR, Dave Gelink the Ford GT 2017 and Gianni Vecchio the Ferrari 488 GTE.

    With our V8 Supercars package we have a change: From now on, Ethan Grigg-Gault will take over the job and provide you with the files and hotlaps. Ethan is a high-class driver with more than 7.000 iRating. His last races are impressive and there is hardly a race where he does not compete for victory.

  • Gold Area

    Now that many have asked for it, it is finally available: the archive for past seasons and the associated setup packages. This area is now the so-called "gold area". In order to get the desired access to this area, you only have to have the Professional package subscribed for at least 65 days in a row. It is important that the access gets denied as soon as you let your account subscription run out.

  • New Personal Coaching Prices

    Of course, we still want to be your first point of reference when it comes to improving your speed on the track. Personal coaching is, in our opinion, still the best way to achieve this goal. For this reason, we have adjusted our prices, so you can now drive at a lower cost with one of our professionals!

  • Translation

    The good thing about iRacing is that the most diverse personalities from a variety of different countries meet. It is therefore important for us that we do something here for everyone to feel well. The first step here is the translation of the page in German! All important information is now available in both English and German. We will work on other languages in the future, so that in the end everyone will feel good!

  • Video Overlay

    We know that the pedal inputs in our videos were partially pixelated and not nice to look at. For this reason, we now have a completely adapted overlay, which in addition to the pedals also includes the steering wheel, the gear and Kp/h display. So you have all information compressed in the video!

  • Weather Settings

    Unfortunately, with the new iRacing update, the track temperature changes from second to second. So that you can still compare your laps with ours, we have tested a lot and then came to the decision that we will use the following weather settings, if the series uses dynamic weather:

    • Start time of the server: matches the start time of the iRacing calendar
    • Air temperature: 72 degrees Fahrenheit (more accurate than Celsius)
    • Humidity: 55RH (standard)
    • Skies: Clear
    • Griplevel: 50%
    • Clear marbles: Yes

    Please note that the exact start time for a test server can only be set via the Beta UI! It is not possible to start such a server via the normal website.