These are the new features

And they are available now

  • New Setup Packages

    The worst kept secret on iRacing: With the release of the brand new BMW M8 GTE, the Pure Driving School surely enlarges it's Portfolio with adding the car to both, the iRacing Le Mans Series and the IMSA Sportscar Championship. Next to the Ford GT, Dave Gelink will do both of the BMW packages. Dave knows the car very good already which makes the data even more valuable - from week 1 onwards.

  • Test Car On Track

    We've had so many discussions about the weather we are using for creating the packages. Comparing lap times with different settings is something really hard and it get's more and more impossible unless you are using the exact same settings as we do. With our new feature you don't have to worry about setting up the server on your own anymore: We do it for you! With clicking on the "Test Car on Track" button, located on every package page, you will be directly linked to the iRacing test mode and the simulation starts with the perfectly adjusted weather settings, including the right car and track combination. Isn't that awesome? Just look out for this button:

  • New Package Creator

    With more and more packages to come in the future we have to expand our team at the same time. For this season, we are really hyped to announce that Dominik Färber joins the Pure Driving School Team. He will be responsible for the LMP1 setups and data. Dominik recently joined the Pure Racing Team where he already has shown his mega talent with being one of the fastest LMP1 drivers on the service. With starting his first ever World Championship Series as a driver next year, there is a lot more to come for him!

  • Individual Setups

    We go individual! You need special setups and data for a team, league or casual event, which is created just for you and your likings? Here is what we'll do: You tell us exactly what you need and we do all of the job for you. We are going to work closely together with you and adjust the car to your driving style. Obviously, we will find a perfect compromise between the balance and the speed on the track. This will make it possible for you, to always keep an advantage over your opponents. Check it out here: Go To: Individual Setups

  • Archive Season 1

    The 2019 season 1 is over and in the books. But you know what's the good thing about books? You can always go back to the library and open them again. That's why we added all the data from season 1 to our archive in the gold member section! You need something from the past? Get your gold membership now and enjoy Gigabytes of available data.Setup Archive for iRacing Setups