The Pure Driving School is a help-platform for drivers on the iRacing service. This website is run by the best drivers of the Pure Racing Team - one of the most successful sim racing teams.
With many years of experience and multiple victories over the best teams and drivers in the world, we proudly can say that.

The idea of running a virtual racing school came about two years ago. We received various requests from a lot of drivers who asked for setups as well as general help. At this time, we have also answered such requests but in the course of time we have published an overview of personal coaching offers on our team homepage.

While Maximilian Benecke initially offered these coaching sessions alone, we received more than 100 inquiries in a relatively short period of just about one year - and the trend went upwards. Just before the release of this new website, we enlarged our Pure Driving School Team so that we were able to satisfy the demand.

Of course, there is no promise of success, but it should be mentioned that so far there was no driver who was dissatisfied with his coaching he got from us. After more than a year of experience, we know exactly what our customers want and need.

In addition to personal coaching sessions we still didn't offer features like car setups, videos, lap or telemetry files. With the beginning of the year 2018, we set ourselves the goal to build this website to offer personal coaching sessions together with all these additional features. It is a completely self-built site - this was very important for us because it was the only way to make this page as user-friendly as possible.