These are the new features

And they are available now

  • New Setup Packages

    With the start of the season, two more incredibly talented drivers join us. We would like to welcome Harrison Finch and Kim Eriksson! While Harrison will take over the Ferrari 488 GT3 and Mercedes AMG GT3 setup packages in the GT sprint series, Kim will be the creator of the two GT4 cars. With that, we are happy to announce that we will now feature the BMW M4 GT4!

    Additionally, we will cover our own sponsored iRacing series which switches to the USF-2000 this season. Maximilian Benecke will create the data for each week. Next to that, the Pro Mazda has been replaced which means that we will now feature the new Indy Pro 2000, too. Jérôme Haag will continue setting up the car for you. 

  • Alternative Setups

    Not everyone has the same driving style. Our goal is to provide a service for everyone on iRacing without an exception. Because of that, we add an additional race setup to our packages! You will now have a total of 3 setups each week. The regular race setup you were getting so far is now called the "Pro Setup" while the second race setup will be called "Alternative Setup". While the Pro version will be tailored towards a more aggressive driving style, the alternative setup will suit a more conservative style of driving. 

  • Archive 2020 Season 2

    You need a setup from the last season? No problem. We added all setup packages from the 2nd season of 2020 to our archive and you can access it with your gold membership.

    iRacing Setups and data for season 2 of 2019