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Founder and head coach of the driving school. iRacer since 2015 with experience in almost every car. First person to reach 10.000 iRating on the road section. Max has secured several wins against the best drivers in the world and helped a lot of people with improving their overall pace.

Maximilian BeneckeHead Coach & Founder - iRacing Profile

Head coach of the Pure Driving School. Since 2015, Max collected achievements in NEO Endurance Series, Simracing Trophy and GT500, as well as wins in many iRacing Special Events. Working as a physicist, he provides a lot of knowledge regarding setups and telemetry.

Maximilian WenigHead Coach - iRacing Profile

Born in 1999 and discovered simracing in 2016. Became a World Championship driver in 2017 and meanwhile he has experience in almost every car on iRacing with his passion for any high downforce car. He is looking forward to help people in developing their simracing career!

Fabrice CornelisCoach & Downforce Expert - iRacing Profile

Joined iRacing in 2014. Pure Racing Team Driver since 2015. Blancpain GT Series Pro Series Driver since Season 1, VLN Kia Champion, 24h Nürburgring Class Winner, 24h Daytona Class Winner. Timing, radio and strategy man in the real VLN.

Marc ElkemannCoach & Designer - iRacing Profile

Member of Pure Racing Team since march 2018. Joined iRacing in 01/2016 and found his passion in driving GT Cars. ADAC Simracing Trophy final top 5 finisher in 2017. Giannis favorite cars on iRacing are all GTE cars followed by the Audi R8 GT3.

Gianni VecchioCoach & GTE Expert - iRacing Profile

Patrick is the founder of the Pure Racing Team. With starting his iRacing career back in 2013 he is one out of a few who made the step over 8.000 iRating. As the manager of the Pure Driving School he is responsible for your satisfaction.

Patrick PichlerManager & Founder - iRacing Profile

The iRacing Cup Porsche is a very special car and anyone who already tried to drive it, knows exactly how hard it is. Alex is able to drive the car around the track like almost nobody else. Lan-Event winner against the most talented drivers in the world.

Alexander ThiebeCup Porsche Guru - iRacing Profile

Fredy is one of the most talented drivers on iRacing with more than 200 wins in 270 races - subsequently his iRating is above 8.000 too. He creates the Formula Renault 2.0 Setups for you which are not only extremely fast but also great to drive.

Fredy EugsterFormula Renault Expert - iRacing Profile

We can not think of a better coach for the Pro Mazda. Jérôme was able to secure championship wins of multiple Pro Mazda seasons. With taking a lot of time and patience, he always finds a solution to keep the well motorized open wheeler on the track.

Jérôme HaagPro Mazda Champ - iRacing Profile

A driver we probably don’t even need to explain. He is the legendary Mazda MX-5 driver with an iRating beyond 9.000! You basically have to search for races where he was not able to at least secure a win or pole position. Enjoy high level setups and packages from Robert – just here!

Robert HartleyMazda MX-5 Pro - iRacing Profile

Dave has proved his talent in many series & races with multiple wins in the last years– especially in GT cars. With his affinity for technic and car physics, he is one of the best when it comes to car behavior and setups. Dave knows how to make a car more stable and fast at the same time.

Dave GelinkGT Cars Master - iRacing Profile

Our specialist for the Dallara IR18. A car of that caliber needs to be driven and set up by a real pro. This is why we rely on Henry, who is not only an incredible fast driver but also an amazing setup builder. With years of experience in both, road and oval races, he exactly knows what to do.

Henry BennettIndycar Specialist - iRacing Profile

Ethan is our newest member - Being an Australian Simracer, he found his passion in the V8 supercars. He is not only one of thousands of V8 drivers – he is one of the best. More than 7.000 iRating and a seat in one of the world`s best Simracing Team prove his abilities.

Ethan Grigg-GaultV8 Superstar - iRacing Profile

19S2 Indy500 -

26 °C / 78 °F

Air Temperature

50 %

Track Usage

2 mph / N

Wind Speed / Direction

55 RH


Partly Cloudy


2019-05-18 12:00

Time Of Day

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